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Pet Friendly Apartments

5/22/2012 - by Robert Lobitz   

Just because you live in a high-rise flat or a multi-unit rental with no yard does not mean you cannot enjoy the companionship, loyalty and love of a dog. As long as you are willing to spend time playing with and exercising a four-legged friend, you can live together happily in an apartment. Another way to keep pooches happy and healthy in smaller, yard-less homes is to use dog kennels or crates. There are a number of types available, such as those listed at Learn some of the advantages to determine whether it might be an option for you.

Prevent your dog from having accidents in your home. Whether you are attempting to housebreak a new puppy, have an older doggy who sometimes struggles holding it or simply worry about the occasional potty mishaps, keeping your pets in dog kennels while you are away can avert these messy mistakes or at least contain them to a general area. Of course, you should never leave your dog for more than a few hours –even less for a puppy—always allow him to relieve himself before closing him in his kennel and make sure your pooch has access to water as well.

When you live in a rental, your landlord and others may need access to your home sometimes when you are not available. With dog kennels, you can allow maintenance workers, pest control technicians or apartment management to enter your home safely. You will not need to worry about your dog escaping through an open door, nor will you have to fret over your nervous pooch nipping at a strange repairman who is only there to fix your dishwasher.
Finally, dog kennels and crates can help keep pets feeling secure when you are away or even while you are around. Apartments are known for noise, whether it is banging doors and footsteps in the hallway or partying college students on Saturday nights. If you leave the door to your pup’s crate open, she can crawl in any time she feels nervous and find safety in her own little den.

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