Hey friends! Boo the dog here from People With Pets, ready to share with you some helpful advice for following apartment pet policies. Finding a pet-friendly home to rent can be a challenge and can take a lot of research and legwork. So, once you find the purrr-fect home, follow this “petiquette” to make sure you and your fur babies will be good neighbors.

pet policy apartmentFollowing Your Apartment’s Pet Policies

Every apartment pet policy can be different, so before you sign your lease, be sure you are prepared to follow the rules set forth by your landlord. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Breed and weight restrictions: Many properties allow only certain breeds and certain size pets. When you start your search for your home, you should of course stick to properties advertised as pet-friendly, but you should also be on the lookout for rentals that have any possible breed restrictions to make your search easier. Many times, breed restrictions are not put in place by the landlord directly, but rather are in place due to properties’ insurance companies or city or county restrictions. It never hurts to ask your potential landlord to make an exception if your dog is on a breed restriction list, but your life will be easier if you start out your search knowing what restrictions are already in place before applying for a rental.
  • Required paperwork: Once you find a home, many properties require proof of vaccinations and medical records, so be prepared! During your search for the perfect home, you may also try to bring pet references from a former landlord or neighbor, veterinarian or obedience class instructor to show just how great of a furry tenant your pet will be. Sometimes it may help to bring your pet along with you, so your future landlord can see just how well behaved he or she is.
  • Pet deposits and/or pet rent: Most landlords will charge a pet deposit and/or additional monthly pet rent to cover damage costs they may occur from us pets. We are worth it, but we can take our toll on carpet, walls, and common spaces. We can require additional cleaning upon move out as well. Sometimes we just can’t help it!

Clean up after your petLove Stinks: Cleaning up After Your Pet

Speaking of things we can’t help, when I have to go, I have to go! Part of being a good tenant involves not just caring for our apartment but for the common spaces we share with our neighbors. Whether I have an accident on the way out the door or I go in designated pet areas, cleaning up and disposing of pet waste properly is a surefire way to keep our neighbors and landlord happy. Many properties provide plastic bags and waste receptacles for such an occasion, but be sure to be prepared with your own supplies just in case. Keeping a stash of plastic bags right by your pets’ leash is a great way to remember.

pet leash laws

 Keeping Me on a Leash

I know that when I’m off of a leash, it feels great to run around. However, most landlords require pets to be on a leash at all times on the property. This is for the safety of me, your fur-baby, and the safety of the other tenants. Some properties have designated off-leash areas, but be sure to keep me on my leash in non-pet areas in order to follow the policies set forth in your lease.

Being a good neighbor

Cleaning up after me and not letting me roam in non-pet areas are ways to be a good pet owner, but there are other things to keep in mind to be an exceptional tenant with pets. Sometimes I hear something or want to say something and will let out a bark. Minimal barking is something most tenants should expect in a pet-friendly property, but excessive barking can cause complaints from neighbors. Additionally, if for some reason I am feeling frisky and am involved in some sort of accident, part of being a good pet parent and good tenant also requires reporting accidents promptly to management.

So there you have it, friends: the ins and outs of minding your manners while renting with pets. For more advice or “petiquette,” check out this helpful link and keep checking back here for more about renting with pets!

Author: pwp_admin_1